How To Repair an Electric Water Heater

how-to  step one

check electrical panel to be sure that circuit breaker is in the on tuesday  not been tricked or off or fuses  diffused  are installed securely and not alone  reset circuit breaker to honor replace any twenty years  as and wait thirty  sixty minutes for water to war  if water has remained cool continue troubleshooting steps below:

step two

shut off power  shut off power in the electrical panel by removing fuses or by moving to handle  a switch or circuit breaker dedicated to the water heater to the opposite  completely removing pocket confuses or otherwise secure or locked the panel in  place a note on the cover to alert everyone can work is being performed on  the water heater circuit this will prevent the accidental energizing of the  circuit while you are working on i.

step three

remove the upper and is provided lower access panel past use of all time your  test writes a cheque between wiring terminals and grounded metal case if it  had to be sure cut the power is off  rock art or secure the circuit breaker or remove fuses to prevent someone from  turning a circuit on while you were working on the water heater.

step four

clear away any insulation blocking access  or view of the controls  thermostat and high temperatures which  and heating element

step five

look for obvious signs of damage  water heaters can leak water as a result of a fill in tact  but also from poorly fitted or sandra cold water supply pie  and hot water output type  if the lower to leak  it can cause damage to internal components of the controls if water  enters them dot rust coats liars  and controls both outside and inside dot the russes conductive even win on the  wire insulation  this can lead to potentially deadly shocks keating and melting insulation  and even burns  sony  black carbon deposits on surfaces indicate a short circuit  chances are there is an exposed copper wire that may be difficult to see you  due to the carbon deposits that resulted from the short-circuit dot the yellow  wire between the control an element appears to have shortage of the time  or other lateral leaving the city black deposit underwire and above  notice the lower left terminal a thermostat  excessive heat has caused the plastic around the terminal to begin to melt dot  wires may have been damaged and now have a smaller circumference then needed to  carry that heating element electrical load  at this point of damage is also a source of heat  it is very important to repair or replace all parts  zippel forms of water in short circuit damage  this includes wires  wire insulation  jumpers and at the controls themselves  as mentioned above  rosty’s a conductor and provides unintended has for electricity  these unintended class can be dangerous in make troubleshooting very difficult  to perform .

step six

locate the parts the local in high temperature limits which has reset  button  like the red and four carol’s three  of which are numbered  and visible in the picture  number one  number three  and number four  and the number two terminal is not identified as it is connected directly  to the thermostat below via jumper  high temperature limit switch  has the reset button there will be for terminal screws  wires connected to it  usually the top two terminals have wires that go up to the field wiring  compartment did bring the power to the rest of the water heaters controls and  heating elements  studio perkins roles consist of the high temperature limits which and upper  thermostat  the lower controls refers to the lower thermostatic  there is no high temperature limit switch for the lower section of most  electric water heaters.

step seven

test to ensure it power is off  centimeter forty c volts and insert the black probe into the black or common  jack  and the red coat into the red boreholes jack.

step eight

measure voltage  set the a c voltage range to the highest available  touched up roads to the top terminals at the high temperature limits which as  shown in the image to the right  to range maybe lowered to any desired provided the range is greater than the  voltage is played  at the highest range  able to prove power off  double-check circuit panel  do not receive unless our is prove off otherwise damage coming here is likely  in shock  or burns is possible in the steps to follow.

step nine

set them alternator to loans or resistance  observed earlier indication  if enamel on-site the new york pointer will be resting delivered a higher  resistance values  leftmost position this is an open circuit indication  if digital mirrors used it may display hill a lower one  one without trailing or leading zeros  this oil or one indication represents a value greater than the meter is capable  of displaying  similar to that way calculator does for overload or infinity  infinity in high resistance range is also called an open circuit or open-loop  or l  take note of this open circuit indications for this mirror  women a voltage or current ranges selected and the mir displays a lower  one the measurement should be taken again after adjusting the range upward.

If you are unsure what your leader should read in the noel situation  just leave the terminals unconnected to anything and not touching each other and  switch the mir on  it should be done indicates the resistance of the air between the  terminals which should be infinitely in normal conditions .

step ten

remove one wire from the heating element it does not matter which.

step eleven

connector black test lead to the track marks comin .

step twelve

connect the red test lead to the jack martin is or resistance if there are  multiple jack’s from which to choose.

step thirteen

septa range  if provided to iraq’s one  if any are being  use does not provide for range selection  is likely to model ranging type  this simply means that the mir will automatically adjust the range up or  down as needed without any intervention by the user  this teacher is far more common digital meters men along types  most analog meters they do not provide manual range selection likely support  only a single range  these meters are much more accurate indicating little values  such a zero three five hundred k or one and mom’s than higher values  says those above or a m  but will work well for dis procedure  paying close attention to the display of the model ranging digital near when  reading there is a huge difference between twenty  twenty ten twenty am arms .

Data indicates thousands  and uh… nam indicates millions  the examples of of would correctly reread as twenty homes  twenty thousand ohms  twenty kaelin’s or twenty kilo homes and twenty million owners twenty-nine realms  or twenty million homes  he choose one thousand times larger than the previous

step fourteen

press the metal tips of the test probes together  vienna one-year pointer should move to lois values of the resistance gail  or fully to the right  the digital mere should indicate zero ordinary low value approaching zero  locate zero just not concerned so that the linear indicates the road  or as close to zero as possible  most digital leaders do not have this zero adjust feature  one zero nine  this neo position on the dial is the short circuit or zero ns indication for  this range of this leader  the mir must be zero to the resistance range is changed  measures resistance values will be inaccurate but unable to properly zero  the meter .

step fifteen

replace batteries if needed  if unable to obtain as your own indication on an analog neither this may  mean the batteries are weak and should be replaced  retry the zeroing step of all began with fresh batteries  digital meters often graphically displayed the batteries level of  discharge or simply an indication to replace the battery  check the mir manual for helping to terminate the battery charged.

step sixteen

press the protests against the terminals of the heating element  one probe to each group  red commuter display  look for range multiplier.