5 Common Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Although many people have already discussed about traffic, but still, it’s an interesting topic to be written. There are many resourceful methods to boost traffic to your website, whether with the free methods or need to pay the some amount of money. Below are several ways to increase traffic that I obtained from internet sources tips and some efforts I have been done to this blog. It is not easy to do all this; you need certain tactics, patience and some time to achieve optimal results. As traffic is very important blogging aspect, blog without traffic seemed to be meaningless.

1. Creating quality content that is helpful and useful.

What you should offer to the visitor about the content? It must be reached the visitor goals. For repeat visits you need to keep fresh update [which some time is hardly maintain] in a minimum post weekly or if you can make daily update even better. Create contents that can be discussion materials, the old-technique how to build traffic with the power of mouth is help a lot for traffic generating. Never just copy and paste as you will be sending you in the lowest search engines list.  Google, yahoo, MSN and other search engine is too smart to for detecting content authenticity.

2.Optimize your search engine rank

To many experts, SEO is very a fun. Basically, search engine optimization is about how smart you are on selecting keywords for your article and consider choosing keywords about what are most wanted on the internet. Other thing that may optimize your search engine rank is to join networking community such as blogcatalog, twitter, mybloglog, facebook and many more. Actively join network community and create relevant back link. Recently I join entrecard which give me two benefits. Firstly, I receive direct traffic from member drop card and secondly from search engine ranking.

3 Get linked with others

As an important part on the website management, it’s good to know what back link is and how to build up. Especially when blog traffic is unstable and you have money, you may buy it from higher link popularity, reputable and have a large amount of traffic. If you have a lot of time but do not have the money, and can get the link with the link exchange or two-way link. This is because you must provide a link for them. This is how to get traffic existence with limited budget on advertising. Do you prefer classified ads?  There are many FREE classified ads outside to create back link to your site.

4. Advertise your presence and get exposure.

Besides using links, you must make use of numerous other ways to increase web traffic. Sit down and write a list of all the ways you can think of to get your web address noticed and clicked on. For example:If you have fund – consider pay per click. The big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft provide schemes. But find out first how to limit your expenditure to the level you want.You can Increase traffic by article submission and get one link back link.Open your own discussion, or encourage reader to get connected with you by creating interacted post.Use tell a friend page widget or link enabling your visitors recommend certain page to their friend if they found your web or blog interesting.

5. Be patient and consistent

Traffic building is not a day chore but you need some time to get results from search engine to index. This method has been proven by many successful bloggers who made a lot of money from their website or blog. Why traffic is very important? Especially for monetize blog, traffic is money. Traffic mentioned as web visitor, who possibly interested in goods and services that you offer or ads in your web page. As an example, if install PPC ads on your web, possibly getting clicked is high when you have a large web traffic or other people will pay the amount of money when they want to advertise in your website or blog.

How Blogger Get Paid From Their Blog?

As a media, blogs and web pages that contain the information can be an income source by placing ads on it. So, it not necessary to sell our own goods, but it’s important to more visitors (probably they are interested on ads and clicked) to give option and judgment on the ads that installed on web pages. Nowadays, a lot of media advertising development program on the web or blog and also quite a lot of progress compared to last time, so its not only line ads or banner ad, but there are also links and media buzz.

Below are some programs that the blogger can make money from blog or weblog. These are very common methods that many blogger have been doing this and make a lot of money by taking part and monetize their blog using the programs:


CPC is an abbreviation of Cost Per Click, which means that your ad will be paid if when your ads get clicked by your visitors. The amount of money paid to you for each click will vary for each keyword and ad network for the ad. Example of CPC advertising programs are Google Adsense, Text Ads its AdBrite, Chitika and BidVertiser. Currently, I only take Goggle Adsense program. In fact, I want to place more ads in my blog page, but it can disrupt the visitor who wants to search for information and read my article. Too many ads will cause commercial impression, and indeed should remain expose pliers useful aspect of the content useful for the visitors.

Media Buzz / Paid ReviewProgram review is a paid program that simply tune lately. This is because the payment flexibility, reliable and fast enough. You will be paid for the article that refers to a site, services or products sold by other people. Even blog with PR0 can take part on paid review program. However, usually blog will be getting less order unless you have a blog in terms of the advantages such as high traffic or good link popularity. There are some paid review program that I work on such Sponsored Reviews, and Link Worth and Blog Buy Review. Out of three, Sponsored Reviews is the most jobs offer on to this blog and some fund have been withdrawal.

Link Ads

Link Ads advertising program is to place other site links to your blog or web and you will be getting paid usually in monthly basis. This program is very simple and don’t need much space ob your page. What you need is just focus on your site building through SEO so that we can have enough PageRank to be qualified by brokers such as Text Link Ads, Backlinks etc. You can also sell links to your own site if your site is quite known and high Page Rank.


CPM Cost Per have too Metrics. It’s known as the impression-based ads. Ads that use this method will pay you to show their ads, and the charge calculated for each 1000 appearance / impression. One of the advertising program that uses this method is AdBrite ads.

Referral or Affiliate

Obtaining money with Affiliate and referral system can be a challenge for the blogger or webmaster as we will be paid if we refer the customers to use services or buy products from a company. This ability requires a little marketing, if the goods or services that you referred are quite expensive.

Advertising Media

you can get the money from blog or weblog in a way to make your blog as a media for advertising. Suppose you receive a plug-shaped ads banner in different size and different price. Ads Banner you can plug in your blog header, sidebar or in the footer. Ads attaches’ price can be set by you as long as the price is reasonable. To determine the right choice, you suit what kind of blog we have. If you have lot of visitor and already installed some CPC or CPM but no one to click the ads, probably you need to adjust the content or you need to use optimize using SEO. Other wise, you might work on the Paid Reviews. Affiliate program need a certain skill on how to market the product. But now seemed to be a lot of affiliate banner that also can be installed in your pages, its less work!If you enjoy this post and intend to read more exciting articles in the future.